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ScrollBox documentation

Quick Start

After you have installed plugin you have to enable(publish) it.  Then create a subfolder for your gallery in the:

  • ·images/stories for JOOMLA 1.5
  • ·images for JOOMLA 2.5

Let’s call this subfolder GalleryFolder_1. Copy images for your gallery there.  Now there is last step. Add to the article the following tag:

&#123scrollbox}dir= GalleryFolder_1&#123/scrollbox}

Look at your article on the Front-end of your site. HERE IT IS.


Adding FLASH to your gallery

For using Flash in your gallery you just have to add SWF file to the gallery subfolder and Plugin will automatically add it to the gallery. The name of the file should be in the Plugin format: NameOfFile_w400.h300.swf where

Instead of 400 put your desired width in pixel

Instead of 300 put your desired height in pixel

of the popped up FLASH.

Here is example of the article:

example with default flash thumbnail

You see default flash thumbnail  at the scrollbox gallery and popped up FLASH on click. If you would like to use your own thumbnail for your flash

JOOMLA 1.5 you have to create sub folder named flashthumb (low case)and put there your picture with the name exactly as the name of your flash file but with JPG extension, for previous example:  NameOfFile_w400.h300.jpg

JOOMLA 2.5+ After first plugin execution on the front end page there will be created thumbnail directory inside the gallery directory. The name of thumbnail directory is thumb_WIDTH_HEIGHT. Also there will be automatically created thumbnails for each flash file in the gallery with the same name and extension .PNG If you like to use your own files just replaces this one.  

Plugin parameters

You may set all plugin parameters at the plugin properties’ page. They will be used as default ones for all galleries, but you can also customize every gallery (see below).

To set up the default parameters go to the menu

Extensions  =>  Plugin Manager and choose Content – Scrollbox.

To set individually any of the parameters for a given gallery you have to explicitly assign its value in the scrollbox tag. Please use the following table for your reference.



Setting name

Plugin parameter

Possible values

Section - Thumbnail settings

Image thumbnail width width= Number in pixel
Image thumbnail height height= Number in pixel
Image thumbnail quality --- Number (0,100) percent
Crop or stretch picture in the thumbnails --- Yes or No
Should we display a nice message? --- Yes or No
Popup window message --- text

Section - Scrolling settings

Number of images to show numimgshow= Number in pixel
Number of images to scroll numimgscroll= Number in pixel
Left and right margin for images margin= Number in pixel
Scrolling effect duration fxdur= Number in mlSec
Loop scrolling loop= 1 – yes
0 – no

Section - MouseOver Scrolling settings

Mouse over Mouseover= 1 – yes
0 – no
MouseOver scrolling speed Modur= Number in ml. Sec.
Width of the pause area Mostoparea= Number in pixel

Section - Flash settings

Width of the popup Flash w= Number in pixel
Height of the popup Flash h= Number in pixel

Here is example of the scrollbox tag

&#123scrollbox}dir=FOLDERPATH | width=100 | height=100 | loop=1 | mouseover=1 | numimgshow=... | numimgscroll=... | margin=... | fxdur=... &#123/scrollbox}


{jefs id=11}    

{jefs id=5}